CVA: Working to Develop THINKERS

Carbon Valley Academy is currently working to incorporate 8 THINKING strategies throughout both our school and learning. They come to us via our new math program Engage NY however we think they can become an essential part of students’ growth and success.

When you visit, look around the classroom to see if you can find them. Ask your child(ren) what they know about them and how/when they use them.

We at Carbon Valley Academy believe there is a huge difference between enabling students and EMPOWERING students. Teaching students how to critically think helps them develop into innovative thinkers and creative problem solvers which we all know is essential to a successful life both inside and outside of the classroom. We are working to be intentional and strategic with our learning experiences so that they offer a certain level of struggle. We believe that productive struggle leads to deeper learning and the ability to retain that learning.

Help us make words like perseverance, patterns, structure, precision, and tools be commonplace in our students’ vocabulary.

So exciting!

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