Winter Weather Plan 2022

When St Vrain Valley School District decides that the roads are unsafe to safely transport children, they call a SNOW/Remote DAY.

You will receive communication from them either by phone call, text, or email.

When St Vrain Valley School District decides to call a SNOW/Remote Day, Carbon Valley Academy will call a SNOW day. CVA wants you to know that a SNOW DAY is a SNOW DAY to us! We want to relish in the excitement of having a “snow day” and we request that everyone work to enjoy the day. Be present. Make memories if possible. Life runs so fast these days, let’s stop to enjoy a moment with our kids.

We will not require your students to learn virtually on a snow day. (see below for the exception)


If we were to find ourselves in a multiple SNOW DAY situation, where St. Vrain Valley School District calls consecutive SNOW/remote days, meaning students are out of school for multiple days in a row, CVA would request that all students sign in to connect with their classroom teacher.

Our goal would be to check-in and see how everyone is doing, offer assistance if needed, and connect with each other. Google Classrooms with links have been created by each classroom teacher and have been communicating with you. Reach out to the specific classroom teacher for additional information.


Carbon Valley Academy will communicate SNOW Day information to you via email, Facebook, and our website. PLEASE make sure your contact information is updated in Infinite Campus. Call the front office with any updates.

Please email me at with any suggestions, concerns, ideas to make our communication even more timely and pervasive.