What is Character Education?

Character education is the process by which students learn to interact with society, usually through the teaching of core virtues such as honesty, work ethic, and compassion. Feelings, thoughts, and actions all work together to form character. Character education is the act of teaching Carbon Valley Academy students how to regulate those feelings, thoughts, and actions into pro-social behaviors.

Parents want nothing more than for their children to grow up into well-mannered individuals and give the proper respect to other people. It is true that the main reason that you enroll your children in a school is to learn about academic subjects like math, history, science, and so on, but these are not the only things that children need to learn if they ever want to become successful in the real world. At Carbon Valley Academy, we give them the necessary tools to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Why do we need Character Education?

The reason for teaching good character is to help prepare the students to face the many opportunities and unknown dangers that are in today’s society. Character education gives the students the knowledge they need to know what these dangers in society are and deal with them properly. Young people these days get exposed to negative influences through the media and their peers every day, add to this the sad fact that parents are spending less time with their children. Students need to know how to handle these pressures and, at Carbon Valley Academy, we give them the tools that they need.

Does Character Education actually help in academics?

Yes, it can greatly help students with their academic subjects as well. Diligence and a sense of responsibility are some of the main core values taught at Carbon Valley Academy. Students will learn how to focus on their studies, and more importantly, they will have the drive that will make them want to do well in their academic subjects.

Building character also helps them to interact properly with their teachers and fellow students, turning their classroom into a better learning environment.

Does it really work?

The positive environment that it bought to Carbon Valley Academy also increased attendance and has also brought about a significant improvement in the academic performance of our students in grades K-8.

What your children learn from this curriculum will be useful to them as they engage and interact with other people in society. For them to become upstanding members of their communities, they need to know the proper way to treat other people, and these are the things that they learn and understand through character education.

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