Become a Volunteer at Carbon Valley Academy!

Each Carbon Valley Academy family commits to contributing a minimum of 30 volunteer service hours per school year (50 hours for families with two or more enrolled students). Any family member, including grandparents, can participate in meeting this requirement. There are many ways that your volunteer service hours can be met.

Remember that every $10 donated in cash or goods is equal to one hour of volunteer time.

See more volunteer details here:

Volunteers are always needed!

If you would like to volunteer please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Roxanna Chavez, at Please watch for the weekly Stallion Express newsletter that outlines all of the opportunities to help out at your child’s school.

Downloads and Links:

Download the log sheet and keep track of your hours. You can turn it in to the front desk. Email Roxanna Chavez,, with any questions about your hours.

Volunteer opportunities and Teams:

Class Contacts: Each year a parent volunteer is needed to be the Class Representative (class contact) for each grade. The role varies by grade, but essentially this role is a point of contact for classroom volunteer needs and a parent coordinator of support for the teacher. This role also helps with class needs for events.

Events: The school hosts several big events for you to be a part of! The Fall Festival, Holidays Around the World, and the Stampede are just a few. There are many levels of support to offer, from donating your time and skills to bringing food. Every volunteer is appreciated and needed.

Helping out in class: Please contact your child’s teacher or the Class Contact for any help the teacher may need in class. There are take home projects, projects in school and field trips!

Teacher Appreciation Committee: The Teacher and Staff Appreciation Committee (TAC) is a group of volunteers that work on a variety of projects to help teachers and staff feel the appreciation we all have for them, their hard work, and dedication to our students. The TAC group does not receive funding, but on occasion gets funds approved for special projects. Volunteers help by planning events and donating time, food, and other materials.

Each year the TAC takes on different projects depending on needs and volunteer availability. The TAC always provides breakfast and dinner meals at conferences. In the past the TAC has taken on larger projects like sprucing up the Staff Lounge with paint and furniture or providing needed items like new microwaves and a Keurig machine. The TAC usually gifts small treats around holidays. The TAC also organizes a variety of meals and gift type items or activities during Teacher Appreciation Week in May.

While most events take place at the main CVA campus, the CVA Preschool teachers and staff are included as much as feasible. This works best when the TAC has volunteers with students in the Preschool so they can help us know the wants, needs, and schedule of the Preschool.

The TAC doesn’t have regular meetings. There is usually a planning meeting at the start of the school year to plan activities.

Board Membership: Another great way to get involved is to become a board member. Contact if you are interested.