Carbon Valley Academy Uniform Policy

School Uniform Requirements – Overview
All uniform items must be of a similar style to French Toast uniform brand. Shirt colors will be white, burgundy, and dark blue and must be one solid color. Contrasting details on collars are not allowed. All shirts must have collars. Turtlenecks are allowed. Pant, skirt, short, skort and jumper colors are khaki and navy blue. All styles must be of a similar style to French Toast, Lands End, or Arrow brand. Pants are to be trouser style only (no cargo pants). Plaid skirts or skorts of the French Toast pattern “burgundy plaid” are also acceptable. Sweaters must be of a style similar to French Toast, Lands End, or Arrow brand uniform line. Acceptable colors are white, burgundy and navy blue and must be one solid color.
Accepted styles are plain knit v-neck, crew neck, cardigan and sweater vests. Solid colored sweatshirts of white, burgundy, or navy blue are also acceptable. Collared shirt must be worn under sweater or sweatshirt. Shoes and sneakers must be predominately one of the following solid colors – brown, black, white, grey, navy blue, or burgundy. More specific details on shoes can be found below.

Parent Reviews and uniform policy

Students are also permitted to wear CVA logoed shirts or sweatshirts sold by the school or an authorized vendor.
This uniform policy applies to all functions on school property and during all school activities in other locations unless otherwise notified. The Principal reserves the right to make judgments concerning the wearing of uniforms on school field trips. The uniform will be clean, neat, serviceable, and in good order (no holes, tears, excessive fading, slits deliberately cut, frayed or ragged) and worn properly. This includes pant legs that are cut off and not hemmed. All uniforms should fit comfortably and not be overly baggy or tight. 

The French Toast brand is sold online at the French Toast website
Locally, it is sold in August and September at the Longmont Target or online through Lands End and Arrow brands are available online or at local retail stores.

You also have the option of ordering directly from French Toast by calling 1-800-636-3104. When placing your order over the phone or online, enter the school source code QS5WRMY. This way CVA receives a 5% commission on your order, which helps raise funds for school needs like building equipment, field trips, software, supplies, and so on.

Uniform Details
All must be khaki or navy blue from the French Toast, Lands End, or Arrow uniform line of clothing. Trouser style pants only – No corduroy or denim. No cargo, or Capri style pants. Leggings and tights can be worn under skirts or skorts, but should be white, navy blue, burgundy, or black. Plaid skirts or skorts of the French Toast pattern “burgundy plaid” are also acceptable.
   •Long pants
   •Skirts with shorts or tights underneath
   •Skorts (Bermuda length)
   •Walking shorts (Bermuda length)
Shorts and skirts or skorts should fall no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.

All shirts should be French Toast brand or of similar style. Shirt colors will be white, burgundy, and dark blue and must be all one color. Contrasting details on collars are not allowed. All shirts must have collars.
   •Polo shirt – (short or long sleeved).
   •Oxford shirt – (short or long sleeved).
   •Blouse with a round Peter Pan collar (short or long sleeved).
   •Official CVA shirts and sweatshirts
Undershirt sleeves must be covered completely by uniform shirt (no long sleeve shirt under short sleeve shirt look). All shirts and blouses must have sleeves and shirttails must be long enough to be tucked in. No exposed midsections and no exposed undergarments.

Boys and girls are encouraged to wear solid belts which are solid brown or black with all belt-looped pants, shorts and skirts. Belts must wrap fully around the waist and not dangle.

Solid color socks, knee socks, or tights in navy blue, white or burgundy Shoes – No shoes with excessive color, wheels, lights, characters, Crocs, or open toes. No high heels, flip flops, slippers, or sandals.
Acceptable shoe styles: athletic shoes, Oxfords, Loafers, Mary Janes, hiking boots, dress boots, and western boots. Heel height should not exceed 2 inches.
During inclement weather: change of indoor dress code compliant shoes is required when snow/rain boots are worn to school.

Sweaters should be from or of similar style to the French Toast uniform line. Acceptable colors are white, burgundy and navy blue and must be one solid color.
Accepted styles – plain knit v-neck, crew neck, cardigan and sweater vests Sweaters may be worn over a uniform shirt or blouse.

Jewelry and Accessories
No items can hang from belts such as clips, pagers, cell phones, chain wallets, and pocket watches. Jewelry should be discrete. Dangling or hoop earrings or jewelry that could cause injury on the playground should not be worn. Upon entering the building, all students are to remove hats and other head coverings, including scarves and kerchiefs. An exception may be made by the Principal under the following circumstances:
   • The student is a member of a legally recognized religious organization that requires a head covering to be worn.
   • The student has a medical necessity.

Coats, jackets and other outwear must be free of inappropriate logos, verbiage and/or pictures. Outerwear must be hung up while inside school building.

Dress of Choice Days
The third Friday of each month, or as designated by the Principal, will be a free choice day for students. It is expected on free choice days that student apparel will be appropriate for a school setting. Shirts with crude, vulgar, profane, or sexually suggestive artwork or writing, or that advocate racial, ethnic or religious prejudice, or the use of drugs, tobacco, or alcohol, are prohibited.
Skirt, skort, and shorts should be longer than any shirt not tucked into the shorts.
Bare midriffs are not allowed and appropriate undergarments should be worn. No haltertops, tube tops, tank tops, spaghetti straps or sleeveless shirts.
Capris, leggings, and pedal pushers are allowed on free choice days. No shoes that leave marks, platform shoes, platform tennis shoes, flip-flop sandals, high heels, slippers, or dress shoes with slick soles will be allowed. Sandals must be closed-toe and have a strap.

Students should arrive at school physically clean. Hair should be styled so as not to block the student’s vision and should not require grooming during class. Spikes, dyes, and extreme hairstyles such as mowhawks are not permitted. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade should not wear makeup, cologne, and/or perfume.

The uniform policy will be enforced to ensure compliance:
   •Will advance to Level 3 and recommendation for suspension.

A student may remain in compliance with the school uniform policy when the student’s parentn or guardian has secured an exemption from the uniform policy by the procedures outlined herein. Some examples of exemptions are as follows:
   • Noncompliance derives from financial hardship.
   • Wearing the school uniform violates a student’s sincerely held religious beliefs.
   • Wearing the school uniform violates a student’s medical profile.
   • Wearing a uniform of a nationally or locally recognized youth organization such as the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts on days approved by the school.
   • Newly enrolled students in their first week of attendance at school.
   • The Principal may approve occasional special days where exceptions to this uniform policy may be allowed for some or all students.

LEGAL REF.: C.R.S. 22-32-109.1 (2) (a) (IX), Board’s duty to adopt student dress code
C.R.S. 22-33-106 Grounds for suspension and expulsion
Initially approved February 21, 2005
Revision approved on May 29, 2005
Revision approved on June 13, 2005 as part of CVA’s Discipline Plan
Revision approved March 1, 2006
Revision approved August 19th 2010