Simple & Fun: Bubbling Halloween Slime

With this Halloween slime you will achieve a whole new level of slimy awesomeness!

Bubbling Halloween Slime Ingredients

  • 1/2 cup Elmer’s Washable White School Glue
  • 1 tbs Saline Solution
  • 2 tbs Baking Soda
  • 1/4 cup White Vinegar
  • Food Coloring (green or any Halloween colors you want!)
  • Small Cauldron or Container (for mixing slime)
  • Small Cup (for mixing vinegar and saline)
  • Cookie or Craft Tray
  • Creepy Crawlies


When looking for a good container for your fizzing slime volcano, find something that is on the taller side but with a wide enough opening to allow you to easily mix the slime as well. The nature of a baking soda and vinegar volcano is that the gas produced during the reaction pushes up and out. A taller and narrower container will yield a better eruption compared to a wider and shorter container.

Simple & Fun: Bubbling Halloween Slime

We chose a small black 5″ cauldron for the theme of the slime!

Bubbling Halloween Slime Instructions

STEP 1: Start by combining the glue and baking soda in your chosen container. You will notice that as you stir the baking soda into the glue it thickens! This is really the point of adding baking soda to saline solution slime recipes.

Simple & Fun: Bubbling Halloween Slime

SLIME TIP #2: Experiment with different amounts of baking soda!

STEP 2: For our bubbling Halloween slime we used green food coloring. But you could use other colors, orange and purple would be fun too!

Simple & Fun: Bubbling Halloween Slime

Step 3: In another small container, mix the vinegar and the saline solution.

SLIME TIP #3: You can also play around with the amount of vinegar you use for another way to set up a slime experiment!

Step 4: Pour vinegar/saline mixture into the glue mixture and start stirring!

You will notice the mixture begin to bubble and eventually erupt everywhere! This is the reason for the tray!

Simple & Fun: Bubbling Halloween Slime

Step 5: Continue to stir until the eruption is complete. You will notice that it gets harder and harder to stir because you are mixing your slime as well!

Once you have stirred as much as possible, reach in and pull out your slime! It will be a bit messy at first but this slime is wonderful! All you need to do is knead it a bit.

Simple & Fun: Bubbling Halloween Slime

SLIME TIP #4: add a few drops of saline to your hands before you reach in for the slime!

It should not be sticky on the hands either! But if after kneading your slime it still feels sticky, you can add a drop or two of saline to it and continue to knead. Don’t add too much or you will end up with a rubbery slime!

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