School Support Committee

Calling all CVA Parents and Guardians!

During the summer months, we will be working on polishing up the rough edges and better organizing our School Support Committee for the ’22-23 school years’ fun festivities and events – if you are interested, please join us for these upcoming meetings:

June 15th (Wednesday) from 10-11:30…..this meeting will be designing structure for the SSC and structuring individual roles 

July 6th, 13th, 27th (Wednesdays) from 10-11:30…..these meetings will be for school event planning and role designation for each event

August 3rd (Wednesday) & 8th (Monday) from 10-11:30…..these meetings will be planning for the welcome back barbecue and the back to school event and reaching parents for more involvement

These meetings will all take place at Sterlini Coffee Company, located at 8110 Colorado Blvd S2, Firestone, CO 80504We look forward to seeing you there!CVA School Support Committee