The Importance of Bus Transportation at Carbon Valley Academy

Ride with us!


At Carbon Valley Academy, we are devoted to providing our students with a safe and accessible mode of transportation that benefits them and the families of Frederick Community. We are also the only school in the area that offers this service. In an era where education is available to every child, it is imperative that students, as well as their parents, can depend on multiple modes of transportation to take them to and from school. Not only can they trust our drivers to arrive safely at their destination, taking the bus as a mode of transportation is also an enormous benefit to our environment!

Over one billion pounds of CO2 emissions per year are released into our atmosphere, and this is coming from just one of our 50 states. If more students take the bus, that means there are fewer cars on our community’s roads. Not only is this a massive reduction of CO2 emissions, but it also means there is less time spent in traffic. As bus transportation has become more prioritized, an increase of students using their school buses keeps getting higher each year.

Here at CVA, the safety of our students is held at the highest priority. Studies have shown that school buses are incredibly safe, with students being 70 times more likely to arrive safely to school when using a school bus versus a car. In addition to this, school buses are designed to protect their passengers in the case of an accident. They are easily seen by other drivers and their sides are fortified, should the possibility of a car crash happen. As well as this, the families of our students can put their trust in our bus drivers, as they can ensure the safe and punctual arrival and departure to and from school, without fail.

Two additional benefits of taking bus transportation are the student’s acquisition of responsibility and time management. If a student learns from a young age that they must prepare to meet their bus at a specific time, this will make the student become more independent and responsible. If this is started when the student is young, they will quickly adapt to this new responsibility and have a higher chance to define their personal schedule. This does not only benefit them as a student, but it will serve as an advantage throughout their lives.

Masks required on our buses

If your student(s) ride the bus, please remember to have them bring their own mask each time – our bus drivers are running out of masks again, and will begin issuing warnings that could result in loss of bus ridership for those who habitually do not provide their own masks.

Bus Transportation FAQ

Bus Transportation

The Carbon Valley Academy 2021/2022 Bus Program is designed to provide safe and efficient transportation that meets all of the requirements of the daily instructional program and extra-curricular activities. We are excited to provide more details about our new School Bus Program! Our FAQ Page is located here.