Registration steps and great things about Carbon Valley Academy

It is important to know the registration steps and procedures to manage anxiety and expectations when going through such an important part of your child’s education. 

Registration Steps and Procedures

Happy to apply 

The first registration step is when you decide to apply to Carbon Valley Academy and start the process by going to the school’s website and pressing on the Enroll Now button (press on enroll now and it will take you to the same form).

Filling out the form

Fill out the form by entering your student’s information, such as the grade you would like to apply to, and the contact information (please remember that the contact information must be current and valid as the school will only have access to this method to communicate with you the application status). Once you have filled out the application, you will receive an email and SMS with the status of the application and an application number.

Invited to submit registration docs   

Congratulations! This means that we have space available, and the next registration step is that you are invited to submit your registration documents to verify your eligibility.

Applicants will have 15 calendar days from the date their welcome email was sent to turn in enrollment paperwork. If the school does not receive the paperwork back in the specified time period, the Head of School may decline enrollment to the student and offer the spot to the next student on the waitlist. If enrollment is declined and then a parent later decides they would like to send their student, after all, they will be asked to submit a new application, and they will be placed on the waitlist in the next available spot. 

As spots at the school become available, the parent/guardian of the student will be contacted via email and/or SMS. If the parent does not have access to email and has specified that on their application, the school will mail a letter of acceptance to the child’s residence.  A phone call will also be made to the parent, notifying the parent of the student’s acceptance and applicable deadlines for the return of enrollment paperwork. Every effort will be made to communicate promptly with all accepted families.


Enrollment Forms

Enrollment forms will include but are not limited to the following:

(1) Student enrollment form must be filled out and completed by a parent or guardian. 

(2) Please show a document that has your address and your name, such as a receipt of a utility, to show “Proof of Address” in the state of Colorado.  

(3) Please send all “Current school records.” If the student did not attend school in Colorado previously, please speak to the registrar.  

(4) Please submit Immunization Records.

(5) Please submit a Birth Certificate for the student you are enrolling.  

(6) Please submit a valid form of Parent Identification.

(you can use a passport, driver’s license, or state identification with a picture; all must be current and valid at the time)  

Enrollment forms constantly change, so please follow the guidelines set by the registrar when processing your specific application. 

School’s Right to Refuse Enrollment

The school reserves the right to refuse to enroll any student under a term of expulsion or suspension by his or her school until that term is over.  

The school reserves the right to refuse to enroll a student if a parent willingly and knowingly provided incorrect information on the enrollment application.

If a student has accepted enrollment at the school but does not appear at the school in the first 2 days of school, the school will make reasonable attempts to contact the parents. If there is no response from the parent by the third day of school, the school reserves the right to remove the student from their enrollment roster and offer the next student on the waitlist the spot.