Paraeducator at Carbon Valley Academy

Teresa Wemple

Carbon Valley Academy
Elementary School Para

paraeducator at Carbon Valley Academy in Frederick Colorado

Holly Leach

Carbon Valley Academy
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Bethany Schroeder

Carbon Valley Academy Paraeducator

paraeducator at Carbon Valley Academy in Frederick Colorado

Courtney Lewis

Carbon Valley Academy

What is a Paraeducator?

At Carbon Valley Academy, a Paraeducator helps to perform important functions in the school or/and assists teachers in completing daily tasks and activities following the school curriculum.

Some duties include helping plan and schedule class activities and education programs, encouraging a healthy learning environment, monitoring and engaging with students, and providing clerical and administrative support as required. The typical career progression of a paraeducator is as a teacher following further education and certifications being obtained.

A Paraeducator requires a minimum of an associate’s degree, preferably in a paraeducator or a related field. As this position involves engaging with students, additional certification in special education or child development is greatly valued. Other skills a successful candidate will possess include exceptional verbal and written communication and a strong passion for the education system.

To find out more about how to sign up to become a paraeducator at Carbon Valley Academy, visit our website at To find out more about a career as a Paraeducator, including a paraprofessional job description, paraprofessional training program, and paraprofessional certifications,  please visit the site and find local and national opportunities to become a paraeducator.

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