The Carbon Valley Academy Mission and Vision

Our Mission

“Provide rich content and solid skills instruction in an environment that champions character and personal academic achievement.”

(we even have it painted on our walls for all to see!)

Carbon Valley Academy Mission

Carbon Valley Academy K-8 is founded on the belief that our students, parents, and community members deserve a no-cost, state-of-the-art, high-quality education that exceeds educational standards and also focuses on building students’ character and challenging students to work at their ability level.

We also believe in high parental involvement within the school setting.

Here are some additional Carbon Valley Academy core beliefs:

  • Carbon Valley Academy provides a classroom and school culture that creates the best learning environment for students through high expectations of student discipline and character.
  • Carbon Valley Academy believes that parents are their children’s first teachers and those parents delegate to us in a cooperative spirit, the responsibility of their child’s education.
  • Carbon Valley Academy believes that students thrive on challenge and learning at their “resistance level” and strives to develop individualized and rigorous learning goals for students in the areas of language arts and mathematics.

Our Vision

“Extraordinary student growth in academic achievement and character development through results-driven leadership relentlessly focused on students.”

Carbon Valley Academy Mission

The Carbon Valley Board of Directors believes that leadership occurs throughout the organization.

Leadership is formal, through positions with formal authority including:

  • Board of directors
  • Executive director
  • Principal
  • Staff
  • Volunteers
  • Student leaders

Leadership is also informal, through the contributions of influential members of the Carbon Valley Academy community.

Leadership is the responsibility of both formal and informal leaders to promote the vision and mission of Carbon Valley Academy.

Such leadership develops and sustains a positive, student-centered organization and culture through communication and decision making which is uncompromisingly truthful, transparent, and respectful. It ensures that students feel safe and respected by staff and other students. It holds individuals and groups accountable for actions consistent with core values and goals.

Such leadership sustains high morale and motivation by sharing decision making authority within boundaries and with those who are accountable for results. It develops understanding and earns the loyalty of students, their families, and staff through consistent and constant telling and retelling of the Carbon Valley Academy story. It always focuses on the execution of decisions and the results achieved.

It is grounded in trust, caring, and positive relationships.