Late Start Policy

Dear CVA Families,

In years past, it has been the practice of Carbon Valley Academy to close school for the entire day when St. Vrain Valley School District calls a late start. Thank you to the 127 CVA families who participated in our survey regarding snow days and late starts. The results of the survey are 68.5% in favor of late starts and 31.5% prefer snow days. After much consideration and due to the results of the survey, we have decided to change this policy effective December 2. Effective December 2, when the St. Vrain Valley School District calls for a late start due to inclement weather, Carbon Valley Academy will also have a delayed start to the school day.

On these days, if you feel that it is too unsafe to bring your child(ren) to school, please call the school and the absence will be excused. The current calendar only allows for four (4) snow days. In order to be proactive and avoid the need for adding days to the end of the school year, we will be canceling the February professional development day. All students will be expected to be in school that day, February 3. Depending on the weather in the coming months, we may also need to cancel the March or April professional development days.

Keeping your kids safe is our priority!