6 Ways to Make Reading Fun in the Classroom

Cultivate a Love of Reading in Students


There’s no denying the benefits that come from reading. Students who read gain knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, foster their curiosity, and strengthen their writing. However, studies show that children’s frequency of reading declines after the age of nine, so it’s important to continue and keep that love of reading alive. Thinking of ways to make reading fun in the classroom can be difficult sometimes, so here are some tips on how you can provide the value of literature to your students. Discover how Carbon Valley Academy makes reading fun for them every day in the classrooms.


1 – Let Students Choose Their Own Books

Letting students decide what they want to read, will keep them constantly engaged because you are giving them the freedom and independence to make their own decisions about their reading material. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer them options either. Presenting them with other books by an author they like or giving them stories that cater to their interests are great ways to instill admiration for reading.

2 – Bring in Stories From Different Cultures

Introducing books from other countries or ones that include stories from different cultures not only sparks curiosity, but students will also learn about topics and places beyond their homes. Also, students from different backgrounds will see themselves in the characters of these stories. Representation matters and every child should feel seen.

3 – Teach Different Genres

When exploring different genres at school, you are helping students discover new interests. Whether that’s science fiction or mystery, fantasy or historical fiction, you’ll be cultivating new passions for your students.

4 – Discuss as a Class

Exchanging views and exploring a particular text in school with your students not only helps them understand what they are reading, but it also leads them to come up with their own interpretations and questions that result in open discussion with their peers.

5 – Encourage Students to Read at Home

Nurturing a love of reading doesn’t have to end when the school bell rings. Continuing to read books outside the classroom ensures a student’s growth and interest in reading. Whether it’s for fun or for learning, encouraging students to read on their own fosters curiosity and enables them to be independent learners.

6 – Be Excited About Reading

Bringing your own joy and love of reading into the classroom will extend to your students and then, they will also be as excited to read as you are. Reading doesn’t have to be interpreted as dull if everyone’s perspective changes, so keep reading on!

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