Why is Writing Important for Students?

Writing skills are such an important part of a student’s education. Writing is a way for students to express and explain themselves adequately, and it encompasses a wide array of skills from grammar and punctuation to clarity and creativity. The perks of writing truly go on and on. Furthermore, writing skills play an integral role in a student’s future. Potential employers may seek employees who are well versed and competent, but even more so, a written resume may be the first impression given in landing a new job. Enhancing writing skills while in middle school can set students up for a more successful future, open the door for better opportunities, and make a great impression on those around them.

How to Improve Writing Skills in Students
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How to Improve Writing Skills in Students

How to Improve Writing Skills in Students

1) Grammar and Punctuation

Grammar and punctuation skills are not only important in writing but also in students’ progression into adulthood. As mentioned previously, using proper grammar and punctuation presents an excellent first impression for future employers and shows one’s competency. Carbon Valley Academy teachers help our students improve their writing skills by first providing practice in identifying grammatical errors and correcting them. One of the greatest ways to do this is to use grammar worksheets. Although the use of worksheets is not favored by everybody, they give students the opportunity to practice their grammar skills in a fast and efficient manner. 

2) Spelling

Another skill that is crucial for students to master for success later in life is spelling! Students must be able to spell words correctly. As with most skills, spelling can be improved with practice. Students must study new words (or words and vocabulary specific to new content) in order to spell them correctly on their tests. Teachers may even encourage students to create flashcards to help them study. Additionally, one of the easiest ways to spell correctly in writing is to simply refer to the dictionary to find a word’s proper spelling.

3) Vocabulary

In writing, vocabulary is highly important. Students need a large enough vocabulary to properly and adequately describe and explain their thoughts. Carbon Valley Academy teachers help improve vocabulary skills by introducing new words each week. These words can also be used to help student spelling skills as mentioned before. As each week progresses, students should keep a list of all of their vocabulary words in a notebook or journal so that they can be quickly referenced when writing. As with spelling skills, students may want to reference the dictionary to discover new words and their meanings.

4) Clarity

Have you ever read something and didn’t quite catch its intended meaning or what it was trying to get across? That may be because the writing lacked clarity. Writing should be logical, consistent, and coherent. This isn’t just limited to proper spelling. In order to be clear in one’s writing, thoughts should be fully formed and completed with plenty of detail to aid the reader’s understanding and interpretation of the text.

5) Creativity

Plagiarism is the number one thing students need to avoid! When researching a topic or idea, it is easy to get swept away in the language or thoughts of another. However, students must learn that those ideas should be used as an aid in writing instead of using it as a foundation for their writing. Teachers at Carbon Valley Academy encourage creativity in writing and challenge students to think “outside the box” when strengthening their writing skills. Each student presents unique thoughts and ideas, and those qualities should be utilized in writing.