Drop off and Pick up Policy

Carbon Valley Academy


Guidelines for a safe and efficient drop off & pick up

  • Be prepared to let your child out as soon as you reach your stopping point. (Have homework signed, backpacks ready etc.) Watch the supervisors and move forward as directed.
  • Vehicles should never be parked and left unattended in the drive line, nor should the parent exit the vehicle. Parents who wish to park should use available parking spaces.
  • If you must exit your car to buckle your child in a car seat, please park in parking space.
  • Do not enter the North parking lot through the East driveway, as this will disrupt traffic flow and could cause an accident. One way in, one way out.
  • Please do not hold up the flow of traffic in the drive line by visiting with other parents or mby giving last minute instructions to children.
  • Please use the crosswalk when parking to drop off your student(s).
  • No running in the drop off/pick up zone.

Student Drop Off

  •  Parents will drop off students no earlier than 7:45 am unless enrolled in the ‘before school program’. Adult supervision is not provided until this time.
  • Parents will turn off of Coriolis Way into western most entrance to school property, proceed along the western most drive corridor, turn east and pull into drop off/pick up zone in front of school.
  • Pull forward as far as you can along the drop off area. In order to maintain the flow of traffic, keep pulling forward as cars in front of you leave.
  • Children must exit and enter vehicles from the passenger (curb) side at the designated loading area only-the left lane is used for passing vehicles.
  • Before School Homework Club is available from 6 am – 7:45 am for any student, fees apply.
  • Students will gather in the playground area where teachers will come pick them up at 8:00 am.
  • Teachers will escort classes to their rooms for the start of school at 8 am.
  • Students will be supervised on the playground between 7:45 am and 8 am.
  • A staff member will be at the gate of the playground area to receive students.

Student Pick Up

  • School ends at 3:15 pm.
  • Teachers will escort children to the pick up area where students are expected to stay in their designated class areas until their name is called.
  • Parents will turn off of Coriolis Way into the western most entrance to school property, proceed along the western most drive corridor, turn east and pull into drop off/pick up zone in front of school.
  • When the staff member announces the student(s) name, the student is to check in (FACE TO FACE) with their teacher who will check their name off and release them to the drop off/pick up zone.
  • Once their student(s) have safely gotten into their car, parents are to pull out of the drop off/pick up zone and proceed to Coriolis Way.
  • If your child is not picked up by 3:45 pm, they will be taken to After School Homework Club (ASHC) in our gym. There will be a fee charged for the time they have supervised your child. To pick up your child, go to the south side of the building next to the loading dock, next to the door is a doorbell you must ring to enter. The ASHC closes at 6:00 pm, if your child is still here, the Frederick Police Department will be called.

Early Pick Ups and Late Drop Offs

  • If it is necessary to pick up a child early, a parent or guardian must come to the school office to sign the student out. The student will come to the office to be dismissed. If you are dropping off late, please come into the front office to sign your child in.