CVA K-8 and the Sunshine Committee are putting together a Day of Giving on 11/29. On this day, we are asking our COMMUNITY members to donate new or gently used clothing, shoes, boots, gloves, hats, coats, and toys as well as any household essentials and gift cards for those essentials or food.

We all know how hard the increased cost of living has hit everyone over the last year and being a part of a COMMUNITY offers us an opportunity to share with others what we may already have that we are not using or an opportunity to purchase new items for those in need.

On Tuesday, November 29 we will be opening up our blacktop area throughout the day so that you can drive right up to our “garage door” and empty out your trunks and backseats with items

you know others would appreciate. If you don’t have too much, the front door works too.

PLEASE dig deep into your closets, your basement, or garage and see what you have that you know others could benefit from.

Our goal is to sort all of the items into a “shop” that we will open up for our COMMUNITY. The store will be open between December 3rd and 10th. Specific dates and times the shop will be open will be shared soon.

Refer yourself or your family using this link: